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Meet Omari!


First and foremost, I'm a husband and father. My family first came to Ferguson Township seven years ago, when my wife began her work at Penn State. Since then, I've jumped into community engagement - I coach baseball and wrestling, help my homeowner's association, and was elected as a precinct person in Ferguson Township to serve on the Centre County Democratic Executive Committee. I've also joined the board of Centre Safe, and have looked forward to finding new ways to serve my community. 


My family has since made Ferguson Township our forever home, and I care deeply about the issues that my friends and neighbors face on a daily basis. I want to serve on the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors to play a role in the betterment of lives for those who live in the township and region. For me, that means thinking about long-term investments in sustainability, ensuring that taxes never become an unfair burden on residents, and keeping the many resources the township provides fully funded and functional. 

I'm an engineer by education, and program/project manager by profession. When faced with a question or issue, I think critically and analytically from multiple perspectives to arrive at an informed conclusion. I have experience managing multi-million dollar budgets, navigating personnel and teams, and delivering proven results for the clients with whom I work. I want to take my experience and put it to use in local government so that everyone in Ferguson Township can thrive, and look forward to speaking with you for your ideas on how best to do that!

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